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B O A R D  M E M B E R S  |  ATLAS Foundation

Hussein Mokahal Atlas Foundation

Hussein knows that developing a career path can sometimes get bumpy. From being a server, to opening up his own DJ enterprise investing in the world of stocks, and now a residential home builder, Hussein’s diverse background has served as stepping stones in reaching his ultimate goal of mentoring individuals who have yet to unlock their true potentials. Hussein Mokahal is currently working on earning his Master’s degree in Basic Medical Sciences at WSU School of Medicine, and had been an Emergency Department Scribe at Beaumont Hospital for 3 years. Hussein is grateful for the support he has had along his educational and professional journeys and is devoted to paying it forward. His optimistic attitude makes him a positive influence on others, which he uses to help Metro Detroit community members on their own self-growth journies. On his leisure time, Hussein enjoys hiking, beatboxing, and watching football (Lions baby!)

Hussein Mokahal


Joshua Cao
Vice President

Joshua Cao is devoted to providing for those who are living under poverty through hands-on programs. Joshua spent time serving in the United States Air Force, where he participated in military operations in the Middle East and Africa. It was there that he first worked toward healing humanity and ending child poverty. These experiences have inspired his desire to develop programs that prepare individuals for the workforce. Aside from being a veteran, Joshua is studying Information Technology specializing in Cloud computing and is currently employed at Best Buy Health. In his spare time he enjoys cooking and playing the guitar.

Amera Fattah
Secretary/Public Relations


Mohamad Noureddine

Mohamed Noureddine is a University of Michigan-Dearborn Alumni who graduated with a Bachelors of Business Administration, double majoring in both Accounting and Finance. With over 6 years experience in the customer service industry, Mohamed’s goal is to mesh his business background and interpersonal skills to mold aspiring entrepreneurs in Metro Detroit. He hopes to influence the younger generation to take charge of their lives and help bring their vision of their future closer to today. In his spare time, he enjoys being surrounded by his nieces and nephews and being outdoors bicycling, swimming and kayaking.


Alaa Makki

AL Makki holds a B.S. and M.S. Degree in Industrial Engineering at Wayne State University.  Empowering success and expanding horizons are things he lives by. AL chose ATLAS Foundation because it matches his vision in strategically overcoming adversity and expanding reach to help underprivileged communities and people. Admiring ATLAS Foundation's views, he wishes to bring his knowledge, experience, and credentials of operations to the table by utilizing century old methodologies such as LEAN, Six Sigma, and 5S to increase our quality and satisfaction of our service.

Zeinab Moughnia
Director of Volunteers

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