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LEAD Water Outreach Program

Wayne County, Michigan

May 2021

Wayne Metro Community In Action

ATLAS has come together with Wayne Metro, a non-profit that serves low-and moderate-income residents throughout Wayne County to help address their most critical needs. In doing so, we have partnered up with other organizations across South-East Michigan to provide outreach and education to Wayne County and Oakland County communities to learn about reducing their lead exposure and achieve the goals of the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services' Action Level Exceedance Ambassador Program.

"You are not alone"

After the Flint Water Crisis, cities around the country started proactively identifying and replacing their lead lines. Utilities started offering free water testing to residents and refining their corrosion control protocols.


With a population of over 100,000, the perseverance and utility of the citizens of Flint goes unmatched and continues to be a defining story for the greater masses.


As Benjamin Pauli once stated, the people of Flint themselves were actively creating democracy, " driven by pathos as much as politics, in an example to the world of what democratic spirit looks like when imbued with the urgency of life itself."


Today, the system in Flint remains a work in progress and some citizens still rely on our donations for bottled water.


Atlas had the opportunity to help support the city of Flint, MI by providing 4,608 liters of clean water.



Belle Isle, Michigan




Wayne County citizens served



items distributed, including educational pamphlets, brochures and reusable water bottles


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