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A Celebration of Community and Collaboration: Reflecting on ATLAS Foundation's Charity of the Game Event with the Detroit Tigers

Detroit Tigers. ATLAS Foundation. Nonprofit of the game.

This past season, the Atlas Foundation had the privilege of partnering with the Detroit Tigers for our inaugural Charity of the Game event. This collaboration marked an important milestone for us, providing a unique opportunity to work alongside a beloved local institution to uplift communities and support significant initiatives, such as our Yes to Youth scholarship. This scholarship is dedicated to empowering young individuals in their educational journeys.


The event took place at the vibrant Comerica Park, transforming an ordinary game day into a spectacular celebration of community spirit and shared objectives. The Atlas Foundation hosted a lively table on the concourse, turning it into a bustling marketplace that showcased an array of local small businesses. This effort not only highlighted the diversity and creativity within our community but also supported these businesses by drawing attention to their products and services.


We were thrilled to feature prizes and offerings from several generous local sponsors, including Unique Coney Island, Fairlane Gardens, Designs by Angela, Meraki, and Suite Storees. These businesses contributed a range of exciting prizes for our spinning wheel, from gourmet meals and beautiful home decor to bespoke clothing and artistic creations, engaging attendees while supporting local entrepreneurship.


The interactive spinning wheel was a highlight, attracting a crowd and providing us with the perfect opportunity to engage with fans about the Atlas Foundation's mission. We shared our goals and projects, emphasizing our efforts to make a tangible difference in the community. The enthusiasm and support from the fans were overwhelming, with many expressing interest in getting involved or learning more about our work.


The event not only demonstrated the power of collaboration between nonprofit organizations and major sports teams but also underscored the potential for significant community impact through these partnerships. The fundraising efforts during the game made a substantial contribution to the Yes to Youth scholarship, furthering our commitment to supporting the educational endeavors of young individuals.


We are immensely grateful to the Detroit Tigers for this partnership and to everyone who supported this event. Looking back, it was a resounding success that reinforced our commitment to uplifting and empowering our community, one event and one partnership at a time.


As we reflect on this memorable day, we are reminded that every ticket purchased, every game attended, and every community interaction helps us move closer to a world where every young person has the support they need to say yes to their dreams. Thank you to all who joined us on this journey.


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