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Building on Success: ATLAS Foundation's Second Annual Charity of the Game with the Detroit Tigers

Detroit Tigers. ATLAS Foundation. Nonprofit of the game.

Following the remarkable success of last year’s inaugural event, the Atlas Foundation was thrilled to once again partner with the Detroit Tigers for our second annual Charity of the Game. This year, the excitement was amplified as the event coincided with the opening day weekend, adding an extra layer of celebration and community spirit to the festivities at Comerica Park.


This event has quickly become a cornerstone of our community engagement efforts, allowing us to deepen our impact and continue our mission through the Yes to Youth scholarship program. We expanded our presence and the range of activities, making it an even more dynamic part of the game day experience. Central to our efforts were the continued support and active participation from local businesses, including key sponsors Suite Storees and Designery by Angela. Suite Storees helped fund the event and showcased their products, while Designery by Angela contributed with their unique designs and creative solutions, both inspiring attendees with their commitment to community and innovation.


The Atlas Foundation’s booth was a hub of activity, offering game attendees the chance to win a variety of meaningful prizes. This year, we included memberships to local museums, fostering cultural engagement; books on mentorship and economic empowerment to inspire personal and professional growth; gift cards to local coffee shops and retailers, promoting local businesses; services for social media branding to help budding entrepreneurs and artists; day passes to Metro Detroit experiences, encouraging exploration of our vibrant city; and annual subscriptions to Metro Detroit publishers, supporting local journalism and storytelling.


Each prize was carefully chosen to reflect the values of the Atlas Foundation and to provide real value to the winners, enhancing their lives and connecting them with the rich resources of our community. These giveaways not only drew attendees to our booth but also served as conversation starters, allowing us to engage more deeply with the community about the work of the Atlas Foundation and the goals of our Yes to Youth scholarship program.


The enthusiasm and generosity of the attendees were palpable, with many expressing their support for our mission and interest in getting involved. The funds raised during this event are directly contributing to the Yes to Youth scholarship, enabling us to support more young individuals in their educational and personal development journeys.


As we reflect on the success of this year’s Charity of the Game, especially during the celebratory atmosphere of the opening day weekend, we are filled with gratitude for our partners, sponsors, and community members who make this event possible. Their continued support not only fuels our annual event but also strengthens our ongoing efforts to uplift and empower the youth of our community.


Looking ahead, we are excited to continue this tradition, building on each year’s successes and learning from each experience to make the next even better. Through events like the Charity of the Game, the Atlas Foundation reaffirms its commitment to creating opportunities and fostering hope among the youth, moving closer to a world where every young person can say yes to their dreams with the support they need. Thank you to everyone who joined us in this cause, and we look forward to seeing you again next year!


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